Thursday, 13 April 2017

'What's in my head' Art

We have been doing some art in our class and it's called 'What's in my head' art.
For this art we traced the head of our shadow or we could draw our own head.
We then started to fill in our head with drawings, symbols and words that we normally have in our heads.
After that we did a background with pastels with a few colours of our choice and we made our own design of a pattern. Then we started to type some words on a doc, some negative things we think and some positive things we think. After we printed the word out and glued everything together.
This is my piece of artwork I did.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Digital Art (for christmas cards)

For this dove digital art we got to choose a christian image and then using contrast colours and shapes we got to create our own original design for our christmas cards.

Digital Art (Silhouette)

We did some learning in contrast colours in room 5 and so we did a silhouette digital art with four contrast colours in the background.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Conservation Week 2016

Since it was Conservation Week, we did a padlet based on what we already knew. Then we learnt what it meant so we were told to get into groups and then create a presentation. I was working with Mikayla and Maranita. After we did a new padlet of what we have learnt. We all enjoyed making this and hope you enjoy. 

About Mirrors

Monday, 4 July 2016

Kate Sheppard writing

I have been writing a story about Kate Sheppard about protest to enter an Elsie Locke writing competition
writing this story was hard and fun work. I enjoyed writing this piece of writing so I hope you enjoyed reading this. I think my next goal should be making it a bit more descriptive. 

I’ve tasted awful defeat maybe a thousand times for what I am doing now which makes my mind burst. I’m still collecting signatures. As of now I see people staring at me and I can’t find out if it’s in a good way or a bad way. I still don’t want to give up! I want to fight for women’s rights!  I sighed as I walked back home, my face down, wondering if this will be enough.  I thought for a moment. No, my goal is to reach higher than ever before!

Once home I started thinking of what I could do which made my mind break into pieces. I need to gather more people I thought. I will try next thing in the morning, but for now I’m going to start writing a speech. I mean people say I’m a good speaker, but I’m not so sure. That’s when my sister Isabella May came in.

The morning sun rose as I woke and went to get ready to start a new day. I put on my favourite white lacy dress. As I saw Isabella I shouted her name. I explained to her that we will both start collecting signatures in different areas from each other. It was great that we had Sir John Hall a leading member of Parliament to support us. As I was collecting signatures I practiced the speech again and again in my head, checking over and over  to make sure there were no mistakes and trying to improve it. As the sun slowly and gently went down behind the horizon our day had came to an end. I settled in my bed hoping this time we will have success. The next day we started counting how many signatures we had because we only had until the scheduled date tomorrow to present our petition to parliament to approve women’s rights . When we counted them all we nearly had 32,000 signatures! I couldn’t believe it. Too good to be true I thought.  I had Isabella help me with my speech as I was almost finished.
As dawn hit I was scared to face the day.
“C'mon let's go there’s no need to wait or we will be late”, Isabella said with a smile on her face.
“You're right”, I answered.
When we got to Parliament it seemed like I was glued to the spot. Isabella snapped me out of it making me walk on my own.
When we had got inside there was a chair waiting for me to sit on it. It was time to present my speech for women’s rights. I stood up and started talking. When I finished I stated that we had nearly 32,000 signatures. They had to say yes they had no choice. When I realized that I was so happy. All those mistakes and we finally achieved our goal. Now women can vote in New Zealand.